Why choose a custom designed concrete pool & landscape?

There are 2 ways to build a swimming pool – a custom designed and built concrete pool or an “off-the-shelf” pre-fabricated pool. Both have merit but we choose to specialise in custom designed and built concrete pools and landscapes because our clients want:

  • Their home, garden and swimming pool to provide a cohesive entertainment space to enjoy all year round
  • To create a swimming pool that perfectly fits the lifestyle they wish to achieve
  • Control over the size, depth and finishes of their pool to ensure it is everything they have dreamed of
  • The option of integrating their pool and spa into one bespoke and customised space
  • To tailor their pool finishes to suit their home and garden
Can I have a swimming pool in my compact garden?

The smaller your property, the more challenges you will face when building a swimming pool but it may be possible to build a pool you’ll love.

It means you need to be clever with the design and know what your local council will allow. But that’s one of the key differences when you choose Equilibrium Pools & Landscapes. We don’t use salespeople. Our director will personally visit your home to explain what’s possible. In fact, one of our specialities is tight access swimming pool construction.

Do I need to advise my neighbours if I want to build a pool & landscape?

If your swimming pool or spa fit within the requirements of the NSW State Government CDC (Complying Development Certificate) requirements, there is no need to advise your neighbours that you want to build a pool. If you decide to follow the DA (Development Application) process, your council will notify your neighbours as part of their approval system.

Having said that, we always work with you and your neighbours to minimise any disruption or inconvenience.

What happens to our quote if something unexpected happens like finding rock during the excavation stage?

With any building or renovation project, the unexpected can happen and we have certainly experienced that. It’s known as “latent conditions”.

If it’s something like rock, we usually know before we prepare your quote, based on our experience and knowledge. So if we suspect there will be rock to deal with, we’ll tell you at our first meeting.

Sometimes, we discover the unexpected, like an old car buried in the garden by previous owners, hazardous waste or contaminated soils. If this happens, we’ll chat to you as soon as we discover there is an issue because we value complete transparency and open communication. We’ll also offer the best solution based on the situation and your budget.

Will I receive any warranties with my pool, spa or landscape?

At Equilibrium Pools & Landscapes, we believe in Building it once and doing it right! That applies to all of our pool and spa construction projects. In addition, we are long standing members of SPASA Australia (the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia). To maintain our SPASA membership, we must prove that we:

  • Consistently maintain a high standard of work
  • Stick to ethical business practices and
  • Successfully complete pool and spa building contracts with our clients

In addition to this:

  • We comply with all Home Owners Warranty Insurance requirements which includes a 6 year warranty on all plumbing and structural work
  • We only use and recommend pumps and filtration systems of the highest quality that comply with Australian Standards. This means you will be covered by each manufacturer’s warranty.
What building approvals will I need?

In NSW there are 2 types of building approvals – CDC (Complying Development Certificate) and DA/CC (Development Application/Construction Certificate).

A Complying Development Certificate is a way to fast track the approval process. It involves designing your swimming pool & landscape to comply with a fixed set of rules establish by the NSW State Government. We do our best to follow this process for our clients’ pool or spa design and construction, because it achieves a quicker approval with fewer costs.

If you or your property require something outside of what can be provided with the CDC approval process, we will help you with a Development Application/Construction Certificate (DA/CC). Please be aware, obtaining a DA/CC could delay construction of your swimming pool.

Would you like all aspects of your swimming pool design, approval and construction to be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable team? Then get in touch with our team.

What is the process for building a pool & landscape?

At Equilibrium Pools & Landscapes we pride ourselves in delivering your project on-time, provided the weather does not intervene too much. Click here for our process.

Can Equilibrium Pools & Landscapes build me a fibreglass swimming pool?

Equilibrium Pools & Landscapes specialise in custom designed built concrete pools and spas.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide services for fibreglass pools.

The areas you'll find us in

Equilibrium Pools & Landscapes build custom designed concrete swimming pools and landscapes for clients across Sydney including the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern suburbs, the Inner West, City and parts of the Hills District. We’ll also happily work with your landscaper or landscape architect.